Music is one of the more popular forms of intellectual property, and in today's digital world it makes for the best type of intellectual-stock. Music has really high earning potential, and if it is exploited in the proper way its earning potential becomes virtually unlimited. Unfortunately for up-and-coming and independent musicians who are working part-time jobs to support their personal lifestyle, compromising their financial responsibilities for the necessary budget that is needed to properly promote and market their music is not an option. This is where our company can help the everyday indie musician finally recoup the money that they've invested in creating and recording their music.

All forms of digitally recorded audio

that is used for entertainment/leisure

Income, or residual income, from physical or intellectual property


Royalties is just another word for residual income; money that keeps coming in after you've made an initial 'investment-effort'. Whether you've invested your time in creating a song, or if you purchased an apartment building and began to rent it out to tenants. Regardless of how you earn royalties, they are all the same thing; money that you make while you sleep! There are many different ways to create royalties (residual income), but one of the more popular type of royalty is the royalty that derives from the exploitation of music.